Gerard Dekker (harpsichord) J.S. Bach Vol 3: 17 Concertos after various masters for harpsichord solo

Tüm Gerard Dekker Eserleri İçin Tıklayın


Redo in higher quality.
Volume 3: Nr. 12-17 BWV 983-987 and 592a, Erste Gesamtaufnahme
Harpsichord by David J. Rubio, Duns Tew 1974 after Pascal Taskin from 1769.
Dispositie: 2 manualen met schuifkoppel:
bovenmanuaal: 8, ondermanuaal: 8′ en 4′, peau de buffle, luitregister
Tuning: Werckmeister I, A= 415,3
Released 1983 by Editio Laran stereo ST 7076, The Hague, The Netherlands
Recorded in the R.K. Church St. Antonius Abt in Overlangel 22-23 October 1983
Recording and production: Max Hallensleben
Pressing: Teldec
Cover: Bach-portrait (ca. 1715) probably painted by Johann Ernst
Rentsch der Altere, 60 x 44 cm. (Städtisches Museum Erfurt)

Side A
Nr. 12 BWV 983 after Unbekannt (Deutscher?)
00:00 [Allegro]
03:39 Adagio
06:24 Allegro
Nr. 13 BWV 984 after Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar (1696-1715) Unbekanntes Violinkonzert, Erster Satz auch in Bearbeitung für Orgel (BWV 595)
09:09 [Allegro]
12:25 Adagio e Affecttuoso
14:59 Allegro assai
Nr. 14 BWV 985 after Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) Violinkonzert, Manuscripte in Dresden und Darmstadt
18:12 [Allegro moderato]
21:29 Adagio
23:29 Allegro

Side B
Nr. 15 BWV 986 Unbekannt (Deutscher?)
26:26 [Allegro]
29:00 Adagio
30:38 Allegro
Nr. 16 BWV 987 after Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar (1696-1715), Postum erschienen, herausgegeben von Telemann (1718)
32:41 [Grave]
33:25 [Presto]
33:48 [Grave]
34:45 Presto
35:06 Grave
36:05 [Allegro]
38:46 Adagio
39:27 Vivace
Nr. 17 BWV 592a after Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar (1696-1715) Unbekanntes Violinkonzert (?) op.2 Nr. 1, Zuglech auch in Bearbeitung für Orgel (BWV 592)
41:00 [Allegro]
44:39 Grave
46:51 Presto

GERARD DEKKER, born in Utrecht, received his
musical education successively at the Dutch Institute
for Catholic Church-music in Utrecht (Iaureat
organ and choir conducting), the Conservatory of
Brabant in Tilburg (piano and Theory), and at the
Amsterdam conservatory (harpsichord).
Gerard Dekker started his career as a pianist, organist
and choirmaster, but since 1964 he committed
himself exclusively to harpsichord and organ,
his marked speciality being the interpretation
of the old masters in particular. His organ repertoire
encompasses works of all style periods. He gives
many concerts as a solo-player. at home as well as
abroad. Furthermore he is a much asked continuo player;
he has given a series of concerts in London,
performed many times in Belgium (Vlaanderen Festival
a.o.) and gave concerts in Germany, Norway
and the East German Republic.
Gerard Dekker makes a lot of chamber-music in various
small ensembles. He became known mainly
because of his numerous recitals for radio, in which
he interprets the old music in the original tuning. He
repeatedly performed for television in Holland and
Germany. His researches in the field of old tunings,
with which he- concerning the practical appliance got
through a good deal of pioneering work in the
Netherlands, and about which he has written articles
in various musical magazines, even attracted
the attention of authorities in this field, like Prof. dr.
A.D. Fokker.
Next to his extensive concert practice, Gerard Dekker
is attached to the conservatory of Brabant in Tilburg
teaching harpsichord, interpretation and basso
He received the Performance premium of the Johan
Wagenaar foundation as an award for his performances
of Dutch music with reference to his record
with compositions by Van Blankenburg, Bustijn
and van den Gheyn on Editio Laran ST 7072

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