Colin Tilney (harpsichord) Parthenia (Byrd, Bull, Gibbons)

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Colin Tilney – harpsichord
The harpsichord is an undated single-manual
instrument by the Irish maker, Robert Woffington,
who worked in Dublin from about 1773 to 1813. In
appearance and design it resembles one of Kirckman or
Shudi’s smaller models, although the hand-stop layout
is different and the use of knee-levers to operate the
machine-stop and Venetian swell is not a usual feature
with the London makers. One 8′ stop and the 4′ are
quilled, the other 8′ being fitted with leather. Almost
certainly, an early seventeenth-century harpsichord of
virginals would have been quilled throughout
(probably with two 8’s or one 8′ and one 4′), but the
dark rich sound of the leather on this instrument seems
ideally suited to some of the more sombre pieces by
Bull and Gibbons.

Released 1968 by Pye Golden Guinea Records – GSGC 14129
Series: Golden Guinea Collector Series
Liner notes by Colin Tilney
Score Editor – E.H. Fellowes (tracks: A1 to A6, B5, B6), Gerald Hendrie (tracks: A10, A11, B7 to B10),
Thurston Dart (tracks: A7 to A9, B1 to B4)
Distributed by Pye Records (Sales) Ltd
A.T.V. House Great Cumber Land Place London W.I.
Printed and made by Garred & Lofthouse Ltd. Patents pending

Side One
00:00 No. 1 Preludium
00:37 No. 2 Pavana. Sir William Petre
04:57 No. 3 Gahardo Sir Wm Petre
07:33 No. 4 Preludium
08:29 No. 5 Galiardo, Mris Marye Brownlo
11:43 No. 8 Galiardo Secunde. Mris Marye Brownlo
14:12 No. 14 Galiardo
16:46 No. 10 Pavana. St. Thomas Wake
19:10 No. 11 Galiardo. St. Thomas Wake
22:23 No. 18 The Lord of Salisbury his Pavin
25:13 No. 19 Galiardo

Side Two
28:31 No. 9 Preludium
29:13 No. 12 Pavana
33:47 No. 13 Galiardo
36:17 No. 15 Galiardo
38:36 No. 6 Pavana. The Earle of Salisbury
40:07 No. 7 Galiardo. The Earle of Salisbury
41:38 No. 21 Preludium
43:08 No. 16 Galiardo
45:47 No. 17 Fantazia of Foure Parts
52:11 No. 20 The Queenes Command

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