BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Delia Derbyshire) – Doctor Who Theme (original 1963 version)

Tüm BBC Radiophonic Eserleri İçin Tıklayın


This is the original 1963 recording of the main theme for the long-running Doctor Who series produced by the British Broadcasting Company. Created by Australian composer Ron Grainer and performed by Delia Derbyshire, member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop team who didn’t get a co-writer credit because the BBC wanted to keep members of the Workshop anonymous.

This is a 2013 re-release of the recording through Harkit Records for the show’s 50th anniversary.

Numark TTXUSB turntable – Nagaoka MP-500 phono cartridge – ART DJPRE II phono stage – Vinyl record vinilo 45 RPM

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