B1. Catrenna [MARU004]

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Prajescu – Exilence Ep / Maru – MARU004

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Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only
Release: 2022-03-16
RPM: 33⅓

A1. Exilence
A2. Exilence (Zenk Remix)
B1. Catrenna
B2. Floating

Maru welcomes Prajescu for its fourth instalment, fully loaded once again with three solid originals tracks, complemented with a exquisite reshape of “Exilence” from Zenk. Early support from Mirolaja, Costin RP, Userunknwn, Hilu, Vlad Arapasu, Cirkel Square, Arapu, Octave, Barac & vlf.

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