A1. Dance Of Confusion [SMBZ001]

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Kirik – Dance Of Confusion / Simbioza Records – SMBZ001

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Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only
Release: 2023-01-10

A1. Dance Of Confusion [SMBZ001]
A2. Everything We Say [SMBZ001]
B1. Paradise Only [SMBZ001]
B2. Dance Of Confusion (MikhuRemix) [SMBZ001]

We are delighted to present our first vinyl release at Simbioza Records.

A beautiful record with 3 tracks signed by Kirik, while Mikhu took care of the 4th one, the remix for “Dance Of Confusion”.
-Eventually, everything connects- This was the main feeling we had when things started to take shape with the desire of having vinyl releases.

A few steps in the future and here it is.
This record is a true beauty and it speaks for itself. Solid grooves, harmony and melody, every second of it a joy to listen to.

Special thanks to our good friend, Dragos Matei, who delighted us with the wonderful artwork.

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